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Welcome to Raise Occupational Therapy Center, Our therapy center is one of the biggest Therapy Center in Greater Noida , which is not only highly recommended and rated in Google but also having the best and genuine team of therapist, who are result oriented. Raise Occupational Therapy Center proudly announces the high success rate of the Center.

Raise Occupational Therapy Center is a private centre under ACOT and RCI registration. Therapist exclusively works with children with cerebral palsy, delayed milestones, autism, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), asperger's syndrome, mental retardation, spina bifida, scoliosis, lordosis, torticollis cervical and lumbar pain, arthritis, behaviour problems, learning difficulties, speech and language difficulties, dementia, etc.

Raise has been known for its genuine guidance and quality services.

The aim of Raise Occupational Therapy Centre is to make the individual independent in all aspects mentally, physically and socially and also provide pre-vocational training to persons with special needs. and to bring the individual to a higher position or level by using or seeing his potential of doing. We are having a team of experienced and specialized therapists who all are devoted to their work to make the best.

Empowering children by building skills at Top Occupational Therapy Centers in Greater Noida

Empower children at the leading Top Occupational Therapy Center in Greater Noida through skill-building programs designed to enhance their abilities and improve their overall well-being.


At Occupational Therapy Center, our dedicated team utilizes evidence-based ABA therapy techniques in Greater Noida. Through this technique we offer you personalized support and empower children with diverse learning styles. We work on innovative strategies, foster a nurturing atmosphere, and collaborate with families. Our team also promote growth, independence, and well-being.


At Occupational Therapy Center, we imagine a world where every child is happy. Through personalized collaboration with families, we aim to empower children of all abilities. We also support for diverse individuals and also creating an inclusive and compassionate community.


We are in Greater Noida and offer comprehensive therapy services for children with autism. Our dedicated team utilizes evidence-based techniques to enhance their daily functioning. And also communication skills, sensory integration, and independence. We aim to create a supportive environment for their growth and well-being.

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Dr. Darpana Sharma

Experienced our care at Greater Noida's premier OT doctor near me. The best Occupational Therapist in greater Noida and top-notch facility available under a roof. Our director Dr. Darpana Sharma is an Occupational Therapist and director. Having 13+ years of experience as a Occupational Therapist in Greater Noida. She keeps children's well being and success as the top priority. Many children at the age of five years learn a lot of essential skills and understand them very well. But some children are a little bit slower in achieving their milestones. It is a developmental delay. Our specialist early intervention practice overcomes these problems. Help all the children catch up and learn essential physical, and self-help skills. She has specialization in Occupational Therapy and child delay development. Raise Occupational Therapy Center in Greater Noida team understand children's needs. We offer exceptional care to every child. Our center in Greater Noida create a friendly environment.

Program runs by raise occupational therapy center

  • Early Intervention
  • School Intervention(Remediation)
  • Pre Vocational Training

We believe that parents are best to do with the child so we trained the parents in such a way so they can handle the child well. We offer parents to attend each and every session with a therapist to gain the benefits.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the charges for occupational therapy in Greater Noida?

The cost of Occupational Therapy in Greater Noida depends on the duration of the session. It may also vary on specific service provided and the location also. So it is better to consult with Occupational Therapists in Alpha1, Greater Noida in your area

How do I choose a good occupational therapist?

When choosing a Best Occupational therapist in Greater Noida. You have to consider their qualification, experience, and specialization according to your needs. Then check their recommendation, clients reviews and ask about their treatment approach. It makes you comfortable and does good communication with Occupational Therapists. So consider your scheduling a consultation with them

What city is best for Occupational Therapists?

The best city for Occupational Therapists depends on different criteria. Both individual preferences and societal needs are involved in it. Cities with a large population and many health centers are best for OT. Occupational Therapists in Greater Noida is the best city for Occupational Therapists

Is physiotherapy better than Occupational Therapy?

When you want the wounded area to become stronger and move more freely. The most effective treatment is psychotherapy. On the other hand, if you wish to make your regular everyday tasks simpler. Then Occupational Therapists is the best choice

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